The history of our old Ammerländer farmhouse in Westerstede actually started in 1690. For us, it started in summer 2012 when the house was for sale. It was gotten into older years and had been partially renovated. For years, we had been looking for an old farmhouse with an adjoining building in the district of Ammerland that we could renovate and use as a holiday flat with a place where you can park your vintage car.

1860 - 2013

In the synopsis, the year of origin was supposed to be in 1860, but later we found a graven wood truss with the engraving: „1690“. Even still living relatives of the farmer’s family told us that this truss has always been hanging above the door in the hall.

Our wish was to restore it with as many old materials as possible as we started working on the cottage in 2013. This was not fun for our craftsmen, who moaned about the skew baulks at the beginning and who wanted to build everything new. In order to recycle the old tiles as well, we unroofed the roof, cleaned every single tile with a high-pressure cleaner – and were so happy after the new roofing! It was really worth it!


Since the very first time, we have been interested in the big property (more than 3700qm) around the vacation home Landhaus Sommerfrische. You can find 15 old fruit trees and many beautiful rhododendrons, which flourish in spring.

Our guests have access to all parts of the garden – especially our „Rhodogarden“ is very attractive. In autumn 2013 we already planted 50 rhododendrons, for which the Parklandschaft Ammerland is quite famous. The nursery Garden „Jochen Böhlje“ supported the project as he liked the idea to build a small Rhodopark.

You can also find a farmer-vegetables-garden, a BBQ-area and more shall follow.

The Hog House

The old hog house was not even mentioned in the synopsis. After all, it was in danger of collapsing, a part of the roof was even unroofed by the storm and this is why nobody paid attention to it anymore. We were delighted and fell in love with it: we always wanted to have such an adjoining building for our holiday house in Westerstede. As we wanted to use as many old materials as possible, we also wanted to remove and refurbish the old wooden frames. Unfortunately, this project was just hopeless, as the wood worm has done a lot of work in the last few centuries. We rebuild the old pig berths to get parking spaces for our possible guest’s vintage cars. Furthermore, we wanted to keep the old washhouse’s flair, but also tried to make it a bit more modern by placing a washing machine and a dryer.